First Draft Video

This is a short video I made to answer some questions from some friends and family. Read More


Once you enter the title of your post or page, WordPress will assign it a “Permalink” which is basically its name. On the left side, choose Settings, then Permalinks, and you will see: WordPress automatically assigns the “Plain” name, which is just a number. I prefer “Post Name” which is also the page name when Read More

What’s on the Toolbar?

The Toolbar is pretty standard and you can easily figure out what each icon does, but there are a couple icons that may need a little explaining. There are actually two lines of icons on the Toolbar. To keep it simple, the first line has the most used icons. The last icon on the first Read More

Creating a New Post

This is the layout of the Classic Editor. I am used to it and do not need all the fancy features Guttenburg. Start with the title of your post. Once that is entered, you will see the Permalink underneath. Then start typing your post. If you going to use Headings, it is easiest to type Read More

Start at the beginning

Several years ago, I tried to teach people how to create their own websites. It was a flop. Now, I am going to help people in bits and pieces. There are many tutorials both in words and videos that will walk you through setting up a blog or website on your own. However, they all Read More